Overwatch™ “Are you with us?”

Overwatch is out

So Overwatch™ has been out for a little while now, and it seems to be advertised almost everywhere. Blizzard has always been pretty good about marketing their products, and the question that’s probably on some of our minds though is Overwatch™a hit game I should buy, or pass up on? Well, I hope to answer that question and give some more information on Overwatch™ so you can make a better decision for yourself.

I had a chance to play in the Open Beta for both the PC and Xbox One platforms, and after it’s release, I grabbed a copy of the Overwatch™: Origins Edition for the Xbox One. I’ve played quite a few of Blizzard’s games so it was nice to have some of the in-game goodies you get for the other titles.

Overwatch Lineup

What kind of Game is Overwatch™?

A lot of people are referring to this title as a Team Based Shooter or Hero Shooter. Hero Shooters focus on multiplayer team-based combat that allows you to choose from a variety of characters with preset abilities and or super powers. Some people like to relate it to Team Fortress 2 which had some influence on its development. What you get is an interesting mashup of heroes where you compete in 6-person matches. Battling over objectives to take down the other team and achieve victory.

In Overwatch, you control one of several heroes in competitive 6-person team shooting matches. Battle over objectives, take down the other team, and achieve victory. – Blizzard

Overwatch™ breaks down the lineup of 21 Heroes into 4 main classes. Offense, Defense, Tank, and Support. Each with their own personal flair for combat with Abilities, Quick Melee, and Ultimate Abilities. You’ll use these heroes to fight on 12 maps in 4 different styles.


  • Assault – Attackers fight to capture a series of objectives; defenders hold them off until time runs out.
  • Escort – Attackers escort a payload to a delivery point, while defenders strive to keep the payload from reaching its destination before time elapses.
  • Control – Two teams fight to hold a single objective at a time; the first team to win two rounds wins the match.
  • Hybrid – Attackers first capture a payload, then escort it to its destination; defenders attempt to hold them back.

Game Modes:

  • Practice Range

  • Play/Practice Vs A.I.

  • Quick Play

  • Custom Game

  • Weekly Brawl

  • Competitive Play (Coming Soon)

Although the list of 5 games modes seems fine, most people will probably only consider for there to be only 2 real modes that people play on a regular basis. Quick play and Weekly Brawl is pretty much what everyone plays, and there isn’t a single player campaign mode that you would expect to find in most Blizzard game titles. Blizzard does a really good job though of building a backstory for each of their characters though through their marketing campaign of Animated Shorts and comic books.

Playing Overwatch

Now although the game seems fairly simple and may not have too much depth, it’s a pretty fun game. Replayability is what’s really important and is going to make or break this game because it’s purely about team-based multiplayer gameplay. The variety of character styles and abilities helps in this regard because you can really find a style of play that you like and are comfortable with. Now sometimes if you’re on a team that’s lacking, it’s helpful to try and switch up your character choice mid-game to counter the other teams playstyle. I’ve been in a match in which were being completely dominated left and right and a quick character change by myself and another player halt their advance and turn the tide in our favor.

Being able to change character in the game is great because it provides a chance for better balancing of teams. It can’t compensate for every issue, but the game does feel well balanced. During the character selection screen, you can see your teams choices, and it will pop up tips on how to build a properly balanced team and warn you when certain builds could be problematic.

Part of the fun was finding out or discovering what passive abilities certain characters had that would give them advantages over others that could be used to your tactical advantage. Like the ability to run up walls, stun, teleport, or rewind time. I noticed that some characters seemed hard to play at first but with a proper understanding of how you should play them they were much more enjoyable when played in their intended playstyle.

All the characters in the game felt like they had a personality and style that helped make them come to life beyond the gameplay. Little customizable catch phrases, emotes, and skins made it nice to be able to change the look of your favorite character. Plus the inclusion of Play of the Game replays really helps add something missing at the end game screen that other titles don’t do.

Progression and Leveling

Right now when you level up in the game you don’t any stat boosts but you do get rewarded Loot boxes. They can contain a variety of vanity items that allow you to personalize your favorite characters in-game look, emotes, catch phrase, highlight real poses, and more. These Loot boxes can also be purchased for real money if you’re too impatient to get more trying to find the certain item your looking for. You also gain credits through loot boxes, or through selling items or duplicate loot box items. These credits can be spent in the Hero Gallery for specific character skins.Overwatch Loot Box

Loot Box Pricing:

  • 2 Loot Boxes – USD 1.99
  • 5 Loot Boxes – USD 4.99
  • 11 Loot Boxes – USD 9.99
  • 24 Loot Boxes – USD 19.99
  • 50 Loot Boxes – USD 39.99


Overall Overwatch is a great game if you like quick gameplay that doesn’t require a huge investment of time to get started. It’s a fairly simple game that’s approachable for all gamers and can be a lot of fun if you’re playing with friends online. Although if your friends bought it on another platform that could be a problem since it’s available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. I definitely recommend it if you love team-based shooters. The quirky nature of the characters should keep you coming back for more.

My only gripe about the game was that is was the first Blizzard game title ever that wasn’t released on the Mac!

My only gripe about the game was that is was the first Blizzard game title ever that wasn’t released on the Mac! That was a real stunner since I’ve been playing their games for years. I’m sure development on 2 new platforms was consuming for resources and they just decided to focus on what they though we get a broader target audience for the game.

So I guess that only leaves one question to be answered…